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zenmapGUI::ScanNotebook::ScanInterface Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for zenmapGUI::ScanNotebook::ScanInterface:

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Detailed Description

ScanInterface contains the scan toolbar and the scan results. Each
ScanInterface represents a single NetworkInventory as well as a set of
running scans.

Definition at line 55 of file ScanNotebook.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __init__
def cancel_scan
def clean_host_details
def collect_umit_info
def execute_command
def findout_service_icon
def go_to_host
def is_changed
def kill_all_scans
def load_from_command
def load_from_file
def load_from_parsed_result
def num_scans_running
def select_default_profile
def set_command_quiet
def set_host_details
def set_multiple_host_details
def set_multiple_host_port
def set_multiple_service_host
def set_profile_name_quiet
def set_single_host_port
def set_single_service_host
def set_target_quiet
def start_scan_cb
def switch_host_details
def update_cancel_button
def update_host_info
def update_service_info
def update_target_profile
def update_ui
def verify_execution

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

tuple changed = property(is_changed)
 pack_line = HIGBox._pack_noexpand_nofill

Private Member Functions

def __create_command_toolbar
def __create_toolbar
def _cancel_scan_cb
def _cancel_scans_list_cb
def _command_entry_changed
def _displayed_scan_change_cb
def _parse
def _profile_entry_changed
def _remove_scan_cb
def _save_comment
def _target_entry_changed

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