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_ADAPTER_INFO Struct Reference
[Packet.dll definitions and data structures]

#include <Packet32.h>

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Detailed Description

Contains comprehensive information about a network adapter.

This structure is filled with all the accessory information that the user can need about an adapter installed on his system.

Definition at line 235 of file Packet32.h.

Public Attributes

 Human understandable description of the adapter.
UINT Flags
 Adapter's flags. Tell if this adapter must be treated in a different way, using the Netmon API or the dagc API.
NetType LinkLayer
 Physical characteristics of this adapter. This NetType structure contains the link type and the speed of the adapter.
 Link layer address.
UINT MacAddressLen
 Length of the link layer address.
 Name of the device representing the adapter.
 Pointer to an array of npf_if_addr, each of which specifies a network address of this adapter.
struct _ADAPTER_INFONext
 Pointer to the next adapter in the list.
INT NNetworkAddresses
 Number of network layer addresses of this adapter.

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