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 * pcap-septel.c: Packet capture interface for Intel Septel card
 * The functionality of this code attempts to mimic that of pcap-linux as much
 * as possible.  This code is only needed when compiling in the Intel/Septel
 * card code at the same time as another type of device.
 * Authors: Gilbert HOYEK (gil_hoyek@hotmail.com), Elias M. KHOURY
 * (+961 3 485343);
 * @(#) $Header: /tcpdump/master/libpcap/pcap-septel.h,v 2005/06/20 21:30:19 guy Exp $

pcap_t *septel_open_live(const char *device, int snaplen, int promisc, int to_ms, char *ebuf);

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